Monday, October 22, 2012


Did I mention that I'm a geek?  I love Sci-Fi.  It started as a child with Star Trek.... I was in love with Dr. Sam Beckett and could quote most every line of every episode of Quantum Leap. Sliders, Stargate, Atlantis, and oh my sweet lord everything Joss Whedon ever touched.... Firefly?  Every single line. Yep... I'm a geek.  I don't know how I missed Doctor Who in all of that but when my friend Heather pushed me in that direction, well, lets just say  that I am all in on "Go Big or Go Home!"  

This was a commissioned piece for my friend Christy's daughter Amanda. Amanda has long (natural) red hair and will be beautiful with this little fascinator purched on her head for Halloween!

I am glad that I didn't become a Whovian back when Tom Baker was The Doctor because, duh, scarf... I'd be in the poor house.

Now I want to wear this for my own wedding. Something old... something new....   In the mean time I just want a reason to wear a veil ;)